The aim of the project is to develop an induction welding system to achieve innovative and efficient way of structural fusion bond of reinforcement parts (gussets, wedges, fittings) to structural frames in order to obtain a highly integrated Door Surround Structure. CETMA, together with TME, will work on the implementation of an induction welding system based on a robotic arm with a welding head, able to join thermoplastic matrix based composites

Aernnova is a leading aerostructures company specialized in the design and manufacturing of aerostructures and components such as wings, empennages and fuselage sections. With strong capacities, capabilities and track record in engineering, manufacturing and program management, Aernnova contributes with cost efficient and reliable solutions to its customers through a flexible scope of activities performed by specialized and globalized business units for Engineering, Composites, Metallic Components and Product Support.
Role in the project: Topic Manager

CETMA is a Research and Technology Organization constituted as a consortium of public research bodies and private enterprises and has been recognized as a centre of excellence for multidisciplinary research, technology transfer and education in the field of: advanced materials (composite, ceramic and hybrid materials) and related production technologies; techniques and innovative methods of industrial design; advanced technologies of industrial production and services management.
Role in the project: Coordinator

Techni Modul Engineering is an industrial SME company from France specialized since more than 30 years in the supply of automated manufacturing solution for composites. In the product range of TME there are automated: layup systems, cleaning stations, RTM stations, thermoplastic compression moulding stations, etc. TME also supply all the necessary tools, such as moulds and fixtures as foe the needs of the automated systems the company supplies. Thanks to the main business approach TME is an industry standard when supplying automated solutions based on robotic arm with 6 DOF.
Role in the project: Partner

For more information about the DEWTECOMP project please contact:
Alessandro MARSEGLIA (Project Coordinator)
tel. +39 0831 449408

This project has received funding from the Clean Sky 2 Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 886904
Call: H2020-CS2-CFP10-2019-01
Start date: 01.05.2020
Duration: 26 months
Grant Number: 886904

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