Automation and Control

Our team of electronic and software engineers gives form and substance to ideas and needs of our customers with know-how and experience gained in over 20 years of expertise in developing software for automation and control. We provide technological support of excellence for product and process innovation.

Fields of application are extremely varied: industrial automation, robotics, mechatronics, distributed control, medical devices, home automation for home care and social inclusion, home automation for energy efficiency, sensors, control process, wireless tracking systems, data acquisition and processing, embedded systems and in general systems for hardware and software integration.

Some of the principal services that Automation and Control Area offers to its customers:

  • Domestic care systems for elderly and persons with reduced mobility
  • Systems for measuring people's state of health through physiological parameters
  • Accessible interfaces based on eye tracking, voice and gesturale recognition
  • Robotics medical devices for post-stroke rehabilitation therapies
  • Medical devices aids to diagnosis and prognosis of Alzheimer and Parkinson neurodegenerative diseases
  • Systems for road safety of pedestrians and vehicles
  • Systems for vehicles, people, goods and production processes tracking
  • Systems for efficient energy management in public and residential buildings.