The Division of Design works closely with other divisions to integrate with its specific skills all phases of "product development": from product planning, conceptual design, system and detail engineering, up to the prototyping and product launch. With the awareness of how industrial design represents a strategic tool for every business enterprise that wants to compete an increasing competition environment, the Division pays particular attention to the interpretation and development of new technology and production opportunities in terms of new functional, formal and communicative qualities to be transferred to the "product system".

This Division carries out Industrial Design activity, according to NACE classification, can be defined as: "creating and developing designs and specifications that optimize the use, value and aesthetics of a product, including the determination of the materials, mechanisms, forms, colors, surface of the product, taking into account human factors and user needs, safety, the degree of appeal in the distribution market, the use and maintenance of the product. "

The Division carries out research and development to production entities wishing to invest in innovation and differentiation of their range of products / services, both in terms of improvement of existing products that the generation of radically new products. The working groups also support the enterprises in the study of design-oriented products to influence their position on the market.

And also, it offers a wide range of business services and operates mainly in the following areas: Medical, Lighting, Packaging, Interior, Furniture, Transportation and Outdoor Design.

The main skills include:
  • mentoring services to companies in the development stages of industrial products:
    • planning the industrial product; identification of needs of the customer / user; identification of the product specifications; generation, selection and testing of concept; architecture of the industrial product
    • CAD, executive technical drawings, assembly specifications, bill of materials, design for manufacturing
  • rapid prototyping services, preproduction, rapid-manufacturing
  • Ergonomic design, analysis and ergonomic validations in physical and virtual environment, analysis of work stations and study of ergonomic layout, the design of the interaction with the environment, usability analysis and verification of physical interfaces
  • Design for environmental sustainability: strategies Life Cycle Design (LCD), analyzes Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
  • design protection services