Excellence Story


The experience gained in the field of health technology sector has enabled support ITEL Telecommunications, a company based in Ruvo di Puglia, in the design of a tumor treatment suites by treatment with proton beam. Proton therapy is a relatively new discipline and significantly reduces the side effects of conventional radiotherapy.

In addition to activities related to the development of software for image processing and for the management of treatment, CETMA also designed, developed and implemented the bed composite on which will be placed the patient during treatment. The bed, one of a kind, it made of carbon with accommodation perfectly radiotraspirante and fully free from metal components . < p> the bed design and the structure of the drive system are the subject of industrial protection. In addition, as part of the service it was decided to support the ITEL in architecture design activities of the interior of the treatment room so that it is perceived in a pleasant by the patient.