Excellence Story


Now the diapers used are recycled and become street furniture, children's toys and other everyday items, cartons industrial packaging and fertilizer. Under this CETMA activities supported FATER, leader in the Italian market for absorbent products for the person, and that in particular manufacturing and marketing Pampers diapers, in the study of the potential of the plastic portion deriving from the recycling of post-consumer diapers, prior process of separation and sterilization in auoclave. Technological recycling process, developed on FATER Italian patents, it generates plastic to be converted into granules and cellulosic-absorbent material of high quality and fully sterilized, then, devoid of potential pathogens and odors.

It 'was performed extensive physical / mechanical characterization campaign to define how you rank compared to such plastics post-consumer mixed plastic from MSW and compared to similar virgin plastic. They have been verified the possible transformation methods through experimental tests on a laboratory scale, pilot and industrial. It 'was also conducted extensive activities aimed at the development of the concept and the engineering of possible products obtainable with this plastic. For demonstration purposes they were made several prototype gadgets, such as key chains, pen holders and maracas. The latter, in particular, have been realized as demonstrators of the process and the raw material used second. This fact has been used to realize both the container, as a component of the polymeric mix, which, as individual pellets, the granules contained within to generate the sound.

The activities conducted have allowed to start a profitable relationship with the company Fater, who has found the right partner in CETMA where some of the cutting edge expertise on these processes, the properties and characterization of plastics methods, together with the knowledge of the processes and problems associated with the recycling and the availability of all the necessary equipment. The possibility of also providing design services and product / process engineering allow Fater to have a single interlocutor with whom to develop the activities of interest. They are currently starting up a series of subsequent projects in which it will deepen the study of the material and the development of solutions which can ennoble Fater plastics recycling through the use of fiber reinforcements.

group of CETMA researchers presented a project to improve the results of the collaboration with FATER within business idea called RE-PLAY. In the frame of the 78th edition of the Fiera del Levante, the RE-PLAY project was awarded a Special Mention "Social Innovation". The RE-PLAY project proposes a line of children's toys made from plastic recycled from post-consumer diaper. RE-PLAY provides a valid response to an environmental problem and has new dreams to children.

In addition, RE-PLAY was in the National Award for Innovation - PNI 2014 which took place in Sassari on 4 and 5 December 2014.