Excellence Story


A prototype application in augmented reality specially designed and built for the Regional Media Library Pugliese of Bari, managed by the foundation Apulia Film Commission, enriches itself with a new instrument, MIA - the Interactive Audiovisual Media library . It is a 3D web platform aimed access to information and consultation of electronic databases, the inter library loan, and access to the sound archive consultation, visual and multimedia. Goal is to enhance and innovate tools and media now known in the storage and dissemination of the cultural sector.

The application allows you to point to a portable device (for example i-phone, smartphone, tablet) the posters exhibited at the media center and to qualify for additional digital content. Hence the image is opened and provides the trailer of the film, information about actors, the plot or the soundtrack. Or from the screen comes the star of the film in 3D and it is he himself who presented the work. These are just some of the uses of the technology of augmented reality applied to movie posters.

As part of the activity, CETMA has edited the following steps:

  • digitization, cataloging and archiving of sample of archival material;
  • design and implementation of web 3.0 platform MIA;
  • integration with industry platforms and interfaces for storing, cataloging and rental; < li> integration of modules / user interactive app for use of the Regional Media Library.

    the MIA platform integrates specific use of interactive and multimedia modules (augmented reality and mobile app ), through which the user can easily access the content offered from anywhere and at any time. The Virtual area, Augmented Reality and Multimedia CETMA took care of the integration of modules Augmented Reality App. Leader of the project M.i.a. is the Regional Media Pugliese.