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TEMP Portal - protected Sea of Apulia

The marine area of ??Porto Cesareo and Torre Guaceto and the surrounding areas make up a complex system, with environmental testimonies, historical, cultural, archaeological and architectural of immeasurable value, inserted in one of the agricultural and natural landscapes of the most ancient Mediterranean . And so the desire to increase and improve the visibility and awareness of the historical and natural heritage of the two marine protected areas, was born a TEMP web 2.0 multimedia platform , common to the two areas, highly interactive, with innovative and technological applications through which you can make use of educational content and entertainment in multimedia and mobile mode, and three-dimensional video camera. The geographic information system (GIS), on which it is based, allows to identify the exact position, identified on the map, the latest archaeological discoveries, inaccessible seabed, the integral reserve areas, as well as to learn about nocturnal wild animals and rare plants protected . As it is conceived, the platform facilitates the discovery of excellence and sustainable experiences of the territory. As part of the CETMA has treated:

  • the realization of the GUI layout of the portal and interactive maps based on Google Maps to geo cataloged and merchant resources;
  • processing of multimedia content (18 Virtual Tour Photo 360 degrees, 22 Videos, 2 Video 3D anaglyph, 3 3D reconstructions of archaeological heritage, image galleries).

    platform has been designed and realized with the collaboration of the Department of Cultural heritage of the University of Lecce and CoNISMa National Interuniversity Consortium for Marine Sciences.

    Example of interaction through augmented reality

    3D Reconstruction of bronze age hut, made with the advice of the Dep. of Cultural heritage of 'University Salento