Information Systems and Knowledge Management

Information Systems and Knowledge Management area carries out applied research in ICT and provides services for process innovation, using the most advanced information and communication technologies.

The main responsibilities concern design and development of ICT solutions for civil, social, industrial and military fields, in particular:

  • Services and web applications, windows, mobile, for example:
    • WEB-GIS
    • calculation software for civil engineering
    • integrated solutions for tracking with RFID
    • Software for integration of sensors and electronic devices (medical, home automation, etc.)
    • Software for integration of control systems
    • Solutions for Multimedia Totem
    • Cooperatives Working platforms.
  • Analysis and Process Re-engineering (BPR)
  • Expert Systems, Machine Learning
  • Knowledge representation, Semantic Web, Open Data
  • Training in ICT, Feasibility Analysis of ICT solutions, Refactoring and optimization of existing systems.