Market Analysis and Business Planning

Bring to market a new product or service is a critical success factor affecting both the world of companies and the Public Administrations.

In the current economic scenario, more and more open and competitive, becomes essential to identify and understand what are the factors and dynamics that can ensure economic and financial sustainability to the company that want to innovate their products or services, implementing its strategic and marketing assets.

CETMA, in over 20 years of industrial and technology transfer experience to its customers, is aware that support the success of any innovation activities is a complex phenomenon that links technology, market and economy. Innovation is thus also a strategic process, whose value is based on the quality of the transformation process of the data into information to have a significant strategic positioning for the product/company on the innovation market.

For this, thanks to its wealth of knowledge and multidisciplinary expertise, CETMA offers Strategic and Operational Marketing Services aimed at the developement of:

  • economic feasibility studies and business planning;
  • Market Analysis & Technology Scouting

CETMA has accompained several customers along a complex route, and not without risks such as innovation, helping them to develop effective marketing strategies, new business models and new operating methods. A strategic,concrete and operational contribution has allowed to support the processes of innovation and technology transfer of its clients, helping them to implement effective business strategies to respond quickly to changing market needs.