Materials Technology

The CETMA Materials Technology Laboratory is a center of excellence to support enterprises for the characterization of materials and components. he laboratory is particularly specialized in the characterization of composite materials. The Laboratory offers the following services on polymeric, composites and stone materials:

  • Specimens Realization
  • mechanical characterization
  • Thermal characterization
  • chemical - physical characterization
  • Tests on small/full scale components
  • test design with analytical FEM support
  • pool realization
  • test execution
  • results analysis.
All tests are performed, according to customer requirements, according to national or international regulations. In the absence of normative references, the Laboratory also provides the test design service.

The Laboratory has:

  • technological equipment that reproduce transformation processes for polymeric and composite materials both in the laboratory scale and in a pilot scale (rotational molding, extrusion, compression molding, infusion, resin transfer molding, autoclave molding, induction welding);
  • equipment for the physical / mechanical characterization of polymers and composites (dynamometers, testing machine to drop serious impact, DSC, MFI, equipment for HDT and Vicat softening temperature, optical microscope).
These equipments are used for the analysis and optimization of transformation processes, realization and validation of prototypes, development of new materials, development of recycling processes, characterization of materials and components. There is also a willingness to make functional prototypes and pre-series productions.

The laboratory is qualified supplier for customers in the aviation industry.

Laboratory Brochure