Modelling and Simulation

The Modelling and Simulation Area conducts applied research and provides services for product/process innovation, using the most advanced CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) technologies, with the support of experimental activities of characterization and development of materials and components.


  • numerical modeling of complex physical phenomena (thermo-fluid dynamic analysis, structural analysis, multiphase systems, heat exchange, convection, conduction, radiation, fluid-structure interaction, dynamic analysis, impact, crash, explosions, process analysis, casting simulation)
  • Virtual testing
  • Development and validation of numerical and experimental methods for the study of the physical and mechanical behavior of polymers, composites and ceramics
  • high-performance computing (grid computing) and immersive visualization (Virtual Reality Center)

The modeling and simulation activities are supported, where necessary, by experimental testing process (in lab scale and pilot scale), testing, monitoring and control activities.