CETMA conducts research and development activities aimed at deployment of advanced and multimedia systems, including virtual and enhanced reality tecniques, through which explore and visit historical contexts in immersive, interactive and real-time mode.

Knowledge and skills acquired in over a decade of research and development activities are used to deliver advanced services for businesses and institutions.

Applications that can benefit from these services are the most varied: design, production management, communication and marketing, cultural and environmental assets enhancement, teaching and training, medical diagnostics.

Multimedia, reatà aumentata, realtà virtuale, 3d

Some examples of applications developed or launched:

  • JurAR – The Jurassiche footsteps of Lama Balice Park, Bari. Augmented reality mobile application.
  • EP Lab - Environment Museum of the University of Salento. Virtual reality interactive demo "plankton" and corner in augmented reality "Tarbosaurus bataar".
  • Apulian Regional Media Library. Application for mobile devices and augmented reality to interact with the collection of vintage movie posters.
  • Visitor Center At Gaw Sit, Serranova, Torre Guaceto. Installing touch interactive platforms, virtual 3D theater and production of 3D documentary “Torre Guaceto nel tempo”.
  • 3D exhibition hall of the Banca Popolare del Cassinate, Cassino. Realization of the animation documentary “Cassino Prima”.
  • Museum of Radio, Tuglie, Lecce. App and interactive games in augmented reality for tours and educational tours.
  • Monastero dei Sensi di Gallipoli, Lecce. Experiential interactive room.
  • Territory Museum "Casa Pezzolla", Alberobello, Bari. Installation and production for holographic table. Realization of 3D documentary “I Trulli di Alberobello”. Augmented Reality app “Come costruire un trullo”.
  • Speleological Museum F.Agnelli at Castellana Grotte, Bari. Installation of experiential cell for viewing 3D documentary “Castellana Grotte Undiscovered” made by CETMA. Application for VR 3D viewers colored cross.
  • Taranto Clock Tower. 3D interactive fitting room and realization of the game in virtual reality “I mitili di Taranto”.
  • Regional Natural Park of Coastal Dunes. Construction and productions for interactive room Montalbano.
  • Naturale Reserve of Torre Guaceto. Smart Archeological Landscape. Smart Archeological Landscape. Education application in augmented reality “I reperti dell’Età del Bronzo di Torre Guaceto”. Production of the short film in timelaps “Natura senza Tempo”.
  • Smart Education Lab, Ditech, Lecce. 3D room layout and realization of teaching demos in virtual reality “Il corpo umano”, “Le molecole” e il “Sistema solare”.
  • GAL Serre Salentine AR. Application in augmented reality for Samsung Gear or Color Cross mobile devices and viewers.
  • University of Changsha, Hunan, China. 3D virtual fitting room and demos in VR.

For more information, follow the contacts of the area manager:
Italo Spada
tel. +39 0831 449602