Our Technologies


Monitoring a structure in operating phase is a very important aspect as it allows to monitor, in real time and continuously, its real state of health. Therefore, besides avoiding increasing the magnitude of damage on the structure caused by structural movements or by accidental load, structural health monitoring provides the ability to implement an extraordinary action plan, when necessary, and reduce normal maintenance costs.
Traditional monitoring systems involve both use of obsolete measuring instruments both need of an operator making periodic visual inspections. Alternatively to these, CETMA is able to provide versatile systems using technologies with high spatial resolution, free from electromagnetic interference and from operator subjectivity, durable, easy to install and applicable both on reinforced concrete structures and on masonry structures.
The offered multifunctional systems include various smart devices (Smart Patch, Smart Textile, Smart Rebar), together with network cabling and the related acquisition optoelectronic units. In addition to monitoring deformation, cracking and thermal state of a structure, such devices can also be designed as reinforcement, local or distributed, in static/seismic strengthening or upgrading interventions.
This technological solution can be applied to civil, aeronautical and aerospace sectors.