Our Technologies


These technologies concern the development of flexible and rigid polyurethane formulations (also bio-based) as they are and functionalized with nanofillers useful to confer additional features such as: thermoregulation properties, thermal insulation, antibacterial and improved mechanical properties. This know-how includes information relating to development of formulations with bio-based polyols, processes for additivation of nanofillers to polyurethane formulations and types of nanofillers to be used to confer additional features. In particular, relatively to nanocaricate formulations, CETMA has identified and developed techniques to promote a proper mixing of nanofillers in polyurethane formulations without altering chemical crosslinking process.
The solution can be applied to the following sectors: construction (thermal insulation), furniture (upholstery of mattresses, chairs, etc.), transport (automotive: eg. Air-conditioning filters, seat cushions), manufacturing (eg. Safety shoes).