Our Technologies


CETMA owns know-how to develop energy-efficient building components starting from recycled materials (secondary raw materials).
The know-how is applicable to a wide range of secondary raw materials (waste from construction and demolition of buildings, mixed plastics from selection of municipal solid waste, end-of-life tires, polyurethane foams recovered from old refrigerators, plastics from electrical and electronic equipment, flying ash, blast furnace slag, products from metallic, stone and plastic materials production processes) and to components derived from them (insulating mortars with low thermal conductivity, lightweight concretes for thermo-acoustic insulation, lightweight prefabricated elements - i.e. blocks and panels, multifunctional coatings with optimized spectral response - ie shielding, self-cleaning and photocatalytic, innovative bricks with improved thermal insulation properties).
CETMA has skills and tools to develop and optimize production processes of high energy performance building components, depending on the type of secondary raw material to reuse and on the final application performances required allowing you to reduce time and costs.