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Using advanced materials in high structural performance applications, such as aerospace, typically requires proper optimization of both material and production processes, minimizing resources to devote to this development phase. It is, therefore, necessary a change of perspective, which allows:

  • integration of the material as a subsystem in design cycle;
  • introduction of the concept of life cycle in the structure design.
In practice, these requirements lead to extend the constitutive equations of materials used in engineering codes both in spatial and in time domain, dynamically integrating also chemical and physical behavior aspects and their evolution. Experiences gained have led us to define a completely innovative approach to thermo-structural design, centered on integration of modeling techniques through different spatial and temporal scales, from atomic to mesoscopic and macroscopic.
CETMA is therefore able to define, depending on the material, its reference model and implement it in a multi-scale model for industrial interest codes; this allows analysis and predictive calculation or optimization of component, with a higher confidence and definition level depending on the material complexity and the required performance.
The solution can be applied to all areas where is planned to design polymeric and ceramic composites, recycled materials, structural materials (transport, aeronautics, aerospace).