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Traditional production process of ceramic sanitary requires the realization complex shape molds which takes into account components deformations during drying and firing stages. Prediction of deformations typically is conducted by manufacturers through a long iterative "trial and error" process based on experience of qualified personnel. Lack of reliable instruments final manufactured shape prediction increases time and costs for new series of products production and greatly limits production capacity and flexibility of the sector.
Using advanced numerical modeling techniques we can efficiently design complex shape components, considering all parameters that most influence production process, with considerable reduction of development and marketing time and costs.
CETMA has developed an innovative design method for ceramic industry to predict complex products with innovative design behavior during production process and to determine, in times and competitive prices on the market, reference parameters to get molds geometry.
Over the years, CETMA has accumulated extensive experience in numerical modeling of ceramic materials; experience validated by constant comparisons with results of numerous experiments conducted at production companies or in our laboratory, with specific equipment for characterization and study of ceramic materials during sintering process or investment casting.
Know-how developed can be very useful for development and optimization of production processes inherent traditional and advanced ceramic materials, as it represents a tool with enhanced predictive capabilities, essential for designing and construction of complex shape artifacts and molds.
Know-how developed is applicable to all production sectors of manufactured goods in traditional or advanced ceramic material, such as sanitary, as well as tiles and tablewere. It is also applicable to turbine blade manufacturing process for aeronautical, aerospace and energy industry, for distortions prediction of cores and ceramic shells.