Our Technologies


In most situations where is required to solve complex problems, traditional approach is a long "trial and error" iterative-type process which is based on experience of qualified personnel. Lack of reliable instruments for prediction of a critical scenario increases time and cost of the final solution and severely limits production capacity and flexibility of enterprises.
Using advanced numerical modeling techniques it is possible, however, to predict the evolution of a complex physical phenomenon without resorting to experiments or actual observations, with a reduction of costs, focusing on a targeted design because it is possible to consider more physical quantities and study a greater number of scenarios. It should also be highlighted the reducing of risks whenever in dangerous contexts.
CETMA has developed know-how relating to calculation models for analysis of complex phenomena: heat transfer (conduction, convection and radiation), fluid (liquid, gas, mono or multi-phase fluids, laminar and turbulent flows, inert substances or reagents ), dynamic phenomena (explosion and effects on structures), handling of particles. This know-how is based on multi-physical skills to implement, in "general purpose" calculation codes not oriented to specific solutions that are extremely versatile, the characteristic equations of the phenomena to be analyzed.
Extensive experience in numerical modeling, along with tight integration with experimental laboratories has allowed CETMA to gather a wealth of unique information, highly specialized, difficult to find outside and essential to perform reliably complex simulations.