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Physical, thermal and mechanical characterization of composite and polymers materials has the following purposes:

  • Experimental study of production processes (impregnation, consolidation, shaping) - in this case, properties measured with characterization tests, represent the output of experimental testing of process;
  • Identification of input data for numerical simulations of production processes;
  • Identification of input data for design and verification of materials and components, possibly with the aid of numerical simulations;
  • Definition of thermal, physical and mechanical properties of materials for specific purposes, for example comparison with other materials or for technical sheets production.

On the basis of specific purpose, it is necessary to identify types of tests that give right directions. Often lack of necessary know-how leads to perform wrong test that does not give necessary responses, to conduct tests where execution mode is not correct, to obtain results not properly interpreted. This involves expenditure of time and resources by companies and often the failure to exploit the inherent potential in use of composites and polymer materials.
CETMA has gained experience and knowledge of more than twenty years in studing and testing of composite and polymeric materials by analyzing mechanical, chemical, physical, thermal, combination, assessing processes of transformation and deepening the analysis with numerical simulations. Thanks to intense analysis CETMA has developed an integrated approach that allows to identify the most suitable tests for specific purposes, use of suitable measures for the correct application of tests and proper analysis and interpretation of results.
Acquired know-how can be applied to all sectors that use composite materials and polymeric materials (aeronautics, automobile, sports & leisure, furniture).