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CETMA is able to address the optimization of compression molding process for thermoplastic composites for components production in a systematic manner, ensuring definition of procedures to be adopted to minimize and manage defects and to perform a proper preheating of preform.
Non-isothermal compression molding of thermoplastic matrix composites with continuous fiber is a process which for some years is used for specific production of composite components. Industrial distribution of this process is, however, often limited by difficulties faced by companies in addressing some critical aspects related to it, such as the need to manage defects that arise in terms of wrinkles, fiber breakage, abnormal movements of fibers, delaminations between the ply. Another critical aspect is related to the phase of preheating in oven: the material must be heated to temperatures of about 20°C higher than melting temperature of thermoplastic matrix, but at same time is necessary to avoid the risk of polymer degradation.
Thanks to the experiences and to know-how acquired, CETMA is able to eliminate some defects generated during the process, and appropriately manage other. Deep knowledge of mechanisms connected with infrared heating and degradation of thermoplastic polymers processes, allow to formulate heating procedures that ensure the achievement of required temperature throughout the preform, without degradation risks.
The solutions can be applied to aviation, automotive, sports & leisure and furniture sectors.