Our Technologies


One of the main problems of stone industry is improving the efficiency of entire production chain and in particular is the reduction of the amount of waste material generated in the drilling and cutting process, in order to reduce both the environmental impact both the production costs.
During cutting and drilling operations which are preparatory to the realization of stone artefacts, due to the presence of defects (cracks and fissures) naturally present in the structure, extracted stone blocks from the quarry tend to break and not to be suitable for subsequent processing. So more than 35% of material is unusable, generating scrap to be disposed of, moreover reducing production capacity of processes.
Thanks to experimental activities conducted, supported by numerical simulation activities, CETMA has specific expertise on technology to consolidate stone blocks both in terms of process both in terms of materials suitable as consolidating agents.
CETMA is therefore able to optimize the impregnation process of stone cracks materials in a systematic way, ensuring precise procedures to select materials and process parameters to be taken to ensure proper impregnation of the blocks.