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RTM process for structural components in composite material is a known process since several years in industrial sector. Industrial adoption of this process is often limited by difficulties that companies encounter in addressing some critical aspects related to it, such as difficulty of making starting preforms ensuring a constant fiber-matrix content, difficulties in defining resin injection and cure cycle which allows a minimization of defects, difficulty of defining RTM processes with new materials or with introduction of inserts.
Thanks to its experience, CETMA:

  • has developed procedures that allow the creation of components by RTM with introduction of inserts (hybrid composites). In particular, it developed a methodology that allows to define optimized RTM processes, with the aid of numerical models and by using a series of technological guidelines;
  • has expertise to handle non-traditional materials and fibers, such as natural matrices and fibers, came to realization of full-scale components;
  • has developed RTM process for tetrassial tissues;
  • has developed RTM process for impregnating fabrics made with recycled fiber.

CETMA is then able to deal with the development and optimization of RTM process production of components in a systematic manner, even when innovative materials or complex structures.
The developed solutions can be applied to aviation, automotive, sports & leisure, furniture sectors.