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Process of liquid infusion is increasingly spreading, especially in place of manual lay-up in fields of marine and wind turbine blades. The scenarios that can occur for manufacturers of composite components are the following:

  • The company intends to replace hand-lay-up process with liquid infusion for an improvement of component presentation and a reduction in process time,
  • The company intends to make changes to geometry / thickness of parts due to market demands,
  • The company intends to replace resin or fibers traditionally used with most promising innovative materials in terms of cost, environmental sustainability, physical / mechanical performance.

In all these cases, lack of know-how results in non-optimized components/processes, with a significant waste of time and resources by companies and often with the failure to exploit the potential inherent in the use of composite materials.
The integrated know-how available in CETMA together with a considerable amount of experience accumulated over the years allow to use the right approach to solve the problems described.
Moreover, in the particular case of new materials (resins or fibers) not yet on the market, CETMA expertise can support materials developers to get the right information on how to optimize their products to meet specific process requirements.
The know-how interests sectors such Boating, Sports & Leisure, Wind turbine , Furniture.