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Need for reinforcement interventions and seismic adjustment of structural elements is, since several years, one of mostl important problems in civil engineering, especially in Italy.
Italian real estate is, in fact, the oldest in Europe: about 65% of buildings was made before the '70s and requires more or less urgent work of building renovation or retrofitting. Of these assets, about 60% are properties in masonry and / or mixed structures, mainly made before the '20s and in part until the '60's, about 25% is made up of reinforced concrete buildings built between '50s and '70s.
When choosing reinforcing interventions and seismic retrofittings particular attention must be paid to conservation principles respecting the architectural design as well as the origin and nature of building materials.
Therefore, structural reinforcement techniques must not only be aimed at achieving an appropriate level of security, but must also ensure compatibility and durability, integration and not transformation of the building, respect of original techniques guaranteeing reversibility and, if possible, reduced invasiveness of intervention.
Due to its know-how developed in years of research activities CETMA is able to identify techniques and reinforcing materials, fully compliant with new design concepts and regulations, proposing modern, innovative, easy to do, sometimes less expensive and faster, totally environmentally friendly, respectful of the health of workers and the environment systems.
CETMA has skills and tools to define the optimal type of reinforcement material to utilize, depending on type of substrate, destination of use and especially on the state of conservation of the building.