Our Technologies


A real-time tracking system allows, for example, in manufacturing, to manage a warehouse in an automated way, controlling the movement of goods between departments and monitoring time. Such a system allows to reduce search time of materials, objects, parcels position inside a warehouse, to manage the position of controlled objects and to record paths; It is functional to get a stock inventory, progress orders, tracking of goods routes and location. All this is aimed at obtaining:

  • Better processes control ;
  • Flows Rationalization;
  • Improved efficiency logistics;
  • Consequent reduction of costs.

In case of foods, however, it is a tool to ensure food safety. The EC Regulation no. 178 of 2002 outlines the "traceability procedure", which allows consumers to make informed choices, allowing they to trace a food, through all stages of production, processing and distribution.
With the tracking systems and localization in real time it is not only possible to get the location of objects and goods, but it is possible to identify and locate the position of people in motion.
Knowing the position of a person can be useful to calculate the number of hours spent in any area, to individuate its location in real time, to have report about road taken, to protect security. For example, to check permission whose has access to a specific area and in case of no-go areas to send alarm signals. Use of tracking systems of people in real time provides a wealth of solutions that maximize quality and automate business processes. A people tracking system is useful in case of emergencies and dangerous situations, since it is possible to obtain real-time reports on people present and the positions of the latter.
Know-how acquired by CETMA over years in described areas allows to design highly effective and accurate tracking systems, which are, moreover, able to operate:
  • In critical environments, eg. in presence of materials (metals) able to distort or cancel the signals;
  • In accordance with special needs, as they can occur in environments where it is necessary to ensure electromagnetic compatibility with other tools present.

Know-how and software developed by CETMA are well suited for any field where it is required detailed knowledge of actual and past position of an object/person.
Identified application areas are the following:
  • Access control in workplace and not (eg in hospitals);
  • Security;
  • Warehouse logistics;
  • Freight transport;
  • Goods traceability (food, medications, durable goods, products that need authenticity verification, luxury goods).