Our Technologies


Know-how developed can improve the management of geo-referenced information, ie localized "with points" on a map, and to develop customized software applications on different types of platforms (proprietary and open source) and device (PC, tablet, mobile).
Once geo-referencing was an exclusive subject of cartography and its use in administration and/or scientific (eg. weather), now with the exponential spread of smartphones and the extensive use of social networks that theme has become pervasive in all application contexts and is essential in design and development of web and mobile software applications.
The developed software enables non-experts to catalog and to represent assets on GIS maps, attaching fact sheets and multimedia material (photos, videos, virtual tours).
The use of georeferencing cuts across all application environments, where it is necessary to locate information, a place, a person, a good, etc.
It has particular importance for:

  • Tourism: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for development and marketing planning of a territory and its assets / resources;
  • Environment: GIS for environmental monitoring;
  • Energy: Integration of spatial data represented in the DSS (Decision Support System) for energy efficiency;
  • Transport;
  • Social Sharing.