Our Technologies


CETMA has developed know-how, application software (web and desktop) and databases for realization of distributed monitoring systems of significant data from controllers (local stations connected to sensors) connected to a service center (central server) for data collection .
The developed solution is applicable in any field where is required distributed monitoring for detection of significant data via sensors, as in domotic, environmental, agricultural, health fields.
Developed know-how could be applied to:
Environmental sector:

  • Detection of forest fires
  • Detection of flooding
  • Monitoring of landslides
  • Monitoring of microclimates (eg. to increase the quantity and quality of crop)
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Air Pollution
  • Presence of toxic gases
  • Snow level and avalanche prediction
  • Earthquakes Forecast
Health sector - eHealth:
  • Remote monitoring of physiological parameters (an application is personal healthcare devices, for example for gymnastic activities with special bracelets that detect heartbeat or calories)
Domestic sector:
  • Home Automation
  • Consumption check
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
Smart Metering:
  • Energy consumption
  • Optimization of solar systems
  • Water Flow
Smart Cities:
  • Smart Parking: monitoring of parking areas in the city
  • Noise monitoring in central areas
  • Monitoring and optimization of urban traffic
  • Smart Lighting: public lighting optimization depending on weather conditions
  • Waste Management: monitor waste level to optimize collection routes
  • Smart Roads: monitoring of feasibility with alert for weather conditions or traffic jams.
Smart Water
  • Drinking Water Monitoring
  • Rivers monitoring (presence of contaminants, illegal spills, etc.)
  • Quality of transport (vibration monitoring, container openings, preservation of cold chain, also for insurance purposes).