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A part program is a monolithic program executed by a numerical control machine tool for the realization of a piece. The Part Program includes geometrical instructions which describe shape of piece to realize, sequence of movements to organize the work to be performed and instructions regarding the preparation of tools to be used. In fact, the part program is a serial software and thus the i-th instruction is executed only after the execution i-1th.
The Network Part Program (NETPP) allows the execution of programs that contain parallel operations and alternative operations, since technological dependency constraints are relased. The piece to be machined is divided into features (basic morphological elements) whose processing is programmed to a flow that provides alternatives (eg. to do a bag with a special tool or with a sequence of elementary tools) and / or of the parallels ( eg. run the feature "slotted" hole along with the feature "groove").
The NetppModeler software consists of a set of APIs that, once installed, change a commercial CAM adding a series of menus that activate the semi-automatic Network Part Program generation functions, allowing the operator to generate a NetPP starting from a classic monolithic Part Program.
Know-how developed lends itself to manufacturing sector, with particular reference to the concept of Intelligent Factory, which is a factory that bases its offer on innovative technologies, customized solutions and high value-added services.
The reference field of application is the construction of numerical control machines and intelligent machining centers, that may interpret and execute Network Part Program.