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DUNE® Virtual Reality is a software platform for creating and displaying immersive objects and 3D environments.

Dedicated to the world of design and creativity, Dune® Virtual Reality enables to virtually build and interact with digital content created through the most common 3D modeling and animation software, accessible through desktop PCs, Stereographic projectors, smart 3D TVs, holographic tables, interactive tables and Oculus Rift® viewers.

Dune®VR provides simple tools dedicated to build and manage a virtual scene, including specific features for objects, scenarios, and 3D subjects control.

Dune®VR offers predefined, but customizable solutions, based on customer requirements.

In this regard, it resolves:

  • Multi-screen visualization issues with consumer projectors
  • Wireless user tracking issues with low cost tracking systems Consumer, from video games world
  • room-control issues
    It allows you to display different types of data in an immersive and interactive way by leveraging different typologies Of stereo display: from 3D monitor, to projector to latest generation televisions. Its versatility to simultaneously display CAD , VOLUMETRIC (even in the medical field), POLIGONAL data makes it an instantly usable tool without need of further software development.

    The serious game module also allows you to configure game sessions or to enjoy 3D content, or training tracked by tracking systems.

    In any case, since the whole software code is developed by CETMA, customizations based on specific needs can be implemented instantly.

    Completely customizable and scalable, Dune ®VR is dedicated to the world of culture, industry, entertainment, medicine and education. It is a system suitable for:
  • Fairs, Museums, Events, Entries or companies that want to have an advanced visualization system.
  • Presentation of CAD design results, CAEs inside your company or presentation of results to customers in immersive and advanced mode.
  • Laboratories and Rehabilitation Centers, Individual Home Rehabilitation Users
  • Users or Companies Intending to Use 3D Scenarios (Kinect, Wiimote, Gamepad): from museums to educational institutions (schools, training centers).
  • Immersive 3D Design


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