Our Technologies


The algorithms formulated and implemented in IT@cha-DataFusion software allow to merge multiple imaging data layers, preserving metric quality and proportions. These operations are all integrated into the software. The software has been developed for applications in which it is particularly important to keep metric precision of merged data.
The software enables measurement of distances, areas and volumes.
In cultural heritage sector, problem of the fusion of spatially distributed data for diagnostic purposes in metrically correct manner, or with the possibility of distance measurements, areas and volumes is crucial for proper risk management. CETMA has developed an integrated code able to carry out such a merging. The algorithms implemented in software It@cha-DataFusion allows to merge multiple imaging data layers also when these ones are not compatible with each other in terms of resolution, preserving their quality metrics and ratios.
These operations are carried out so far by other software currently on the market by the use of multiple instruments to be used in cascade and often not compatible and not integrated.
The software can be applied:

  • In image diagnostic for Cultural Heritage.
  • In image diagnostic for Medical applications.
  • In land management (air, satellite photos).