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Often the first step for development of a composite component is represented by the choice of the most appropriate semi-finished product and, depending on company target, the choice is between already commercially available preforms and ad hoc innovative preforms. In any case alternatives are hundreds and finding the optimal solution, from which depends later stages of development as well as the final result, is only possible if you have a complete overview of possible alternatives.
CETMA owns know-how that allows to extricate appropriately in very varied and ever-changing scenery of semi-finished materials for composite materials. Thanks to this know-how, with minimum response times, CETMA can give correct information about the suitable preform based on specific requirements, indicating in a precise manner selection criteria adopted.
In particular know-how covers:

  • Different types of preforms developed at R&D level;
  • Commercial preforms available on the market and their characteristics (it is emphasized that, especially for composite thermoplastic matrix, there are a considerable number of products on the market, which differ in the polymer used, material and fiber architecture, type of preform - dry prepregs, semi-prepreg, impregnated powder, reinforced pellets, SMC, BMC, GMT);
  • Realization methods of preforms;
  • Possible processes for impregnation/consolidation and molding of preforms.
Know-how also includes bio-based preforms (polymer matrices /textile fiber/thermoplastic and thermosetting preforms).
This know-how can be applied to all sectors that use composite materials (eg. Transport, furniture, construction, sports & leisure, industry).