Product Design & Engineering

CETMA, through a qualified team of designers and engineers specialized in product development processes, supports companies wishing to invest in innovation and differentiation of their range of products / services, in terms of both improvement of existing products and generation of radically new products. Research and development activities are directed in particular to study design-oriented products that can influence competitive positioning of businesses using the most advanced CAD and CAE technologies. Listed below the services offered:

  • Analysis of intellectual property protection processes and designs registration services;
  • Design management: creative processes to support innovation, benchmarking analysis, technology scouting, design trend research;
  • Mentoring services to companies for industrial products development stages;
  • Concept design: industrial product planning; identification of needs of customer/user; identification of product specifications; generation, selection and testing of concept; architecture of industrial product;
  • Engineering: CAD, executive technical drawings, assembly specifications, bill of materials, design for manufacturing, product technical communication using illustrations, animations and 3D interactive material;
  • Numerical Modeling: fluid dynamic simulations (single or multi-phase); thermal simulations; structural simulations with traditional or innovative materials; dynamic simulations like impact, crash and explosion; multiphysics simulations (thermo-structural, thermo-fluid-dynamic, electromagnetic, thermo-structural-electromagnetic); simulations of multiphase systems (fluids and granular solid modeled through discrete elements for handling particles, fluid structure interaction);
  • Prototyping: rapid prototyping services, pre-production series, rapid-manufacturing;
  • Design, analysis and ergonomic validation in physical and virtual environment, digital human modeling, analysis of work stations and ergonomic layout studies, design of environment interaction, analysis and usability test of physical interfaces, UI and UX Design ; Design for Environmental Sustainability: Strategies for Life Cycle Design (LCD), Life Cycle Assessment Analyisis (LCA);
  • Training Services.

All Design & Engineering activities are supported by mechanical, thermal and chemical experimental characterization, by experimental process testing (on a laboratory scale and pilot scale), by control and monitoring activities and by SHM.