Product Design & Engineering

Thanks to its multidisciplinary expertise, CETMA is able to assist companies in all stages of product development: from strategic planning of product, conceptual design, system and detail design, study of production processes, identification of suppliers , virtual and/or physical prototyping,protection of the design up to assistance in launching a product.

More and more companies are turning to CETMA to benefit from these services, even if only part of them, and for developing new products and improving existing products and more and more companies appreciate the opportunity to have the multiple skills and expertise offered by a qualified team of designers and engineers available from a single source such as CETMA.

Follow the main themes within which CETMA provides its Product Design & Engineering Services:

  • DESIGN FOR LIVING - Home furniture and accessories, lighting fixtures, sanitary and bathroom accessories, kitchen furniture and appliances, home automation control systems, outdoor furniture, equipment for greenery, street furniture, public lighting.
  • DESIGN FOR THE PERSON - Clothing, sports equipment, wellness and personal care, electronics for the person, toys and childcare articles, implants and instruments for the elderly, jewelry, food design.
  • DESIGN FOR MOBILITY - individual and collective means for air, marine and road mobility.
  • DESIGN FOR WORK - Furniture and accessories for work, transportation to work, machines and components for the industry, instruments and tools for the job, furniture and community equipments, medical and health equipments.
  • FOOD DESIGN - Packaging, places and services related to sale and consumption, objects and tools that are closely related to food preparation and use.
  • MATERIALS AND TECHNOLOGICAL SYSTEMS DESIGN - aterials for production and semi-finished components, doors and windows, air-water collection and treatment systems for alternative energy systems.
  • SERVICES DESIGN - public and private initiative projects for the improvement of the citizen-user /institutions/services relationship, sharing, hospitality and participation systems.
  • DESIGN FOR SOCIAL - public and private initiative projects for the development of a sustainable economy for the communities, projects that aim to change attitudes and strategies for greater social involvement.
  • RESEARCH FOR COMPANIES - Projects and initiatives to promote, through design, research and innovation within companies and in the territory, strategic projects for the companies.

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