Rapid Prototyping and Ergonomics

The Rapid Prototyping and Ergonomics Laboratory is a center that supports the activities of design and ergonomic analysis. It provides solid modeling and optimization services to externally generated models for Rapid Prototyping activities, with identification of the techniques and materials that meet the starting design requirements.

The laboratory is equipped with several 3D printers using PolyJet technology, FDM and Laser Sintering. Inside the lab are also set up facilities for the following types of assessment:

  • usability of products and interfaces in physical and virtual environment;
  • User-product-environment interaction via digital human modeling.
CETMA PROTOTIPA is the service that allows CETMA customers to quickly and economically obtain real prototypes in different materials, with very high accuracy and versatility. It is possible to get a quick and free cost estimate with detailed information on the project, through the on-line form. CETMA PROTOTIPA is able to design and produce unique pieces and limited editions of components or products with specific requirements by the customer. In particular CETMA supports students, makers and enterprises in the production of unique pieces, to be used in particular for functional tests and for presentation events of the product. It is also possible to activate optional surface finishing services, photography, packaging and protection of design.

The laboratory is equipped with a 3D Printer Objet30 Prime, the only desktop 3D printer in the world that works with 12 materials, characterized by specific properties such as flexibility and biocompatibility. The Objet30 Prime uses PolyJet technology and expands the services provided with the ability to print the following materials:

  • rigid and opaque materials in various colors, including white, gray, blue and black;
  • transparent materials, for prototyping of transparent and colored products with great dimensional stability and uniformity of surfaces;
  • Materials for high temperature, for advanced functional tests, flows of hot air and water and static applications;
  • Long lasting and durable simulated polypropylene materials to create prototypes with uniform surface, with furniture hinges, closures and flexible interlocking parts;
  • rubber-like materials suitable for a range of applications that require non-slip or soft surfaces;
  • biocompatible material suitable for medical device prototyping.
The 3D printer Dimension SST 1200es is able to prototype complex models for aesthetic evaluations and functional tests and has the following characteristics:
  • Working chamber: 254 x 254 x 305 mm;
  • Layer thickness: 0.25mm and 0:33 mm;
  • Material: ABSplus.
In the lab it is installed a station for the automatic removal of supports created in the prototyping stage by 3D printer and for the eventual finishing of models through surface finishing and painting processes.

CETMA has a sintering 3D System 2500 plus able to make prototypes, preproduction and final parts (rapid manufacturing). The sintering machine has the following features:

  • Working chamber: 380 x 330 x 455 mm;
  • Layer thickness: 0.10 mm;
  • Material: Allform, DURAFORM.
The laboratory is connected, moreover, with machines for the realization of polystyrene models and stone products.


The laboratory is equipped with hardware and software workstations for CAD Modeling (CREO PTC, Dassault Catia and SolidWorks), SW for digital human modeling (CREO Manikin), SW for Communication / technical illustration and interactive product (Dassault SolidWorks composer) and SW for rapid prototyping (Stratasys Catalyst EX, Stratasys Objet Studio). The laboratory is also equipped for the simulation of the interaction with virtual and physical prototypes.

Laboratory Brochure