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The REACH and CLP consulting services provided by CETMA include:

  • REACH/CLP Check Up: audit at customer’s headquarters in order to identify the actions necessary to fulfill the requirements of REACH and CLP Regulations; preparation of the company to REACH and CLP inspections and support during and after the verification.
  • Phone and e-mail support: technical support by phone or e-mail to the internal REACH contact of the company on the requirements of REACH and CLP Regulations.
  • Late pre-registrations: creation of the Official Legal Entity (LEO) and submission to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), on behalf of the client, of the data required for the late pre-registration of the substance.
  • Management of SIEFs/Consortia: management, on behalf of the client, of SIEFs (Substance Information Exchange Fora), that is fora for the exchange of information on pre-registered substances.
  • Registration of Substances: preparation and submission to the ECHA of the Inquiry and Registration dossiers.
  • Safety Data Sheets: drafting, revision or update of safety data sheets according to the current legislations and the new criteria of classification and labeling provided by the CLP Regulation.
  • Classification, Labeling and C&L Notification: classification of substances and mixtures; drafting/revision of labeling; management, on behalf of the client, of the notification to the European classification and labeling inventory.
  • Notification to the Dangerous Products Archive: notification to the Dangerous Preparations Archive of the Institute of Health, in accordance with D.Lgs. n° 65 of 14/03/2003.
  • Services on Articles: reports on the Articles produced/imported by the company; data sheets on hazardous substances/mixtures present within the Article; letter templates for the notification of the information about the substances in Article to the customers; identification of SVHCs and support for their notification.
  • Services on Materials recovered from waste: identification of the substance or substances contained in the recovered material; verification of the exemption from registration; definition of the information on the safe use of recovered materials to be communicated in the supply chain and drafting of the safety data sheets; verification of other obligations (i.e. C&L notification).
  • Communications with Customers and Suppliers: support in the communications with Customers and Suppliers of the client, for a correct exchange of information along the supply chain.
  • Data Search: collection and evaluation of data about chemical substances.

For further information contact:
Dr. Luigia Longo
Tel. +39 0831 449409
Email: luigia.longo@cetma.it