CETMA offers its deep expertise for European Green Deal Calls for proposals!

The European Commission launched a €1 billion call for research and innovation projects that respond to the climate crisis and help protect Europe's unique ecosystems and biodiversity.
The projects funded under this call are expected to deliver results with tangible benefits in ten thematic and horizontal areas.
CETMA is an experienced project partner with a skilled team of researchers, engineers, and innovation managers, and offers its expertise for European Green Deal Calls for proposals in response to the following topics:

  • LC-GD-3-2-2020 Demonstration of systemic solutions for the territorial deployment of the circular economy
  • LC-GD-4-1-2020 Building and renovating in an energy and resource efficient way

1. Eco-sustainable building materials

Development of eco-sustainable materials (cement free binders, e.g. geo-polymers or alkali-activated materials; concrete with high percentage of secondary raw materials, e.g. CDW, end-of-life plastics and glass, industrial by-products).

2. Development of recycling processes for plastics and composites

Sizing formulations for recycled carbon and glass fibres, novel products made by mixed plastic waste, innovative recycling route for post- consumer polyurethane.

3. Development of new building components

Innovative and thermally efficient prefab building components (e.g. blocks, panels) based on CDW or waste from other industrial sectors.

  • Manufacturing and testing of prototype components on lab scale
  • Prototyping and testing of components for industrial scaling-up.

4. Testing on materials, components and buildings:

  • Durability tests
  • Thermal conductivity measurements
  • Non-destructive diagnostic tests of components and structures (thermographic, sonic/ultrasonic and sclerometric techniques).

5. Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)

Development of solutions for Structural Health Monitoring systems based on fibre optical and conventional sensors.

6. Digitalization of the Construction industry

Development of BIM-based digital tool, Multimedia production, Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, XR Technologies.

7. ICT solutions for Energy Efficiency and Circular Economy:

dashboard for advanced statistics based on Big Data Analysis and Data Mining, Software solutions for Home automation and Energy efficiency, Decision Support System, ICT Solutions for tracking.

Relevant projects experiences for these topics:
RE4 REuseand Recycling of CDW materials and structures in energy efficient pREfabricated elements for building Refurbishment and construction (GA n. 723583, H2020, EEB-04-2016). CETMA was the Project Coordinator.
REVALUE Recycled carbon fibers for high value composites (EIT Raw Materials, KAVA call 2016), CETMA was the scientific responsible.
SUS-CON Sustainable, Innovative and Energy-Efficient Concrete, based on the Integration of All-Waste materials (GA n.285463, FP7, EeB.NMP.2011-3). CETMA was the coordinator of the Project.
GREENCAST (GA n. ECO/10/27224GREEN-CAST, CIP EIP Eco-Innovation2010) –Demonstration of innovative lightweight construction components made of recycled ash for sustainable buildings.
RESIELP Recovery of silicon and other materials from end-of-life photovoltaic panels (PAN°16327, Kick raw material 2016–Upscaling).

Moreover, CETMA can provide for your Consortium:
  • Demo sites in Italy and in other EU countries (thanks to the involvement of other partners of its network)
  • Large and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in construction and other sectors
  • Technology Providers.

If you would like to collaborate with CETMA, get in touch with our experts:
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