Evento conclusivo del Progetto CUIS 2013 “Il frantoio dimenticato”

historical and archaeological survey and exploitation of underground oil mill below the Baronial Palace of the City of Lecce Caprarica

It took place on March 5 2016, from 9.00 to 13.00, the closing event of the Project CUIS 2013 "the forgotten mill" at the Sala Antonio Verri in Corso Europa in Caprarica of Lecce (LE). It 'was an interesting opportunity to make known to the public and to enhance an important historical testimony Salento industrial archeology.

After the greetings of the municipal administration, the authorities, the owners and the involved institutions, researchers at the University of Salento and CETMA Consortium have presented to the citizens of the results of historical and archaeological research and restorations 3D which affected the underground oil mill below the Baron's Palace in Piazza Vittoria.

'followed by a guided tour of the mill owned by the Greek family in the Baronial Palace.

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