Castellana Grotte Undiscovered 3D: primo documentario interamente in 3D

On the occasion of the National Conference AGTI - Italian Tourist Caves Association, held last November at the Speleological Museum "Franco Anelli" of Castellana Grotte (BA), CETMA presented " Undiscovered Castellana Grotte 3D ", the first documentary shot entirely in 3D and set in the imposing and evocative scenery including stalactites and stalagmites, fossils and caves of the Grotte. Realized thanks to the skills of ' Area Virtual, Augmented Reality & Multimedia , with the participation of the naturalist Joseph Affinito director, the documentary allows you to experience a wonderful sensory journey offering the public and tourists present the opportunity to visit for the first time some of the inaccessible caves.

As part of the same action, CETMA has realized the ' App "CastellanaAR" that allows, thanks to the use of its viewers Color Cross ™ , which integrate virtual reality and augmented reality, to make a 3D interactive walk, between the most fascinating views of the speleological.

Both the documentary and the App are usable at the experiential cell installed inside the Museum of Castellana Grotte and designed entirely by CETMA it well.

< p> Both products will be presented in Milan on the occasion of the International Fair on BIT2016 tourism.

Comunicato Press the municipality of Castellana

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