Natura senza tempo: l’incanto della Riserva di Torre Guaceto in un cortometraggio spettacolare

It 'was presented as part of the ROP ERDF Puglia 2007/2013 - Implementation of the Action Line 4.4 4.4 "Integrated system for the use and enjoyment of the Navy State Reserve of Torre Guaceto", the short film entitled "Nature without time "produced by CETMA with the contribution of the Consortium of Torre Guaceto and built by Pier Paolo Cito and Angelo Pezzolla.

a video striking that allows you to rediscover the charm of the natural cycle of the seasons and see the sights natural Reserve of Torre Guaceto why they are seen. It is a short film made entirely with the time-lapse technique, starting from 50 thousand photographs made over a period of a year, for a total of 6 months of field work and two months of post-production.

"Timeless, as the title suggests, but with a time marked by its own rhythms: the dawn that is reflected on the sea, sunsets, the lives of animals that inhabit the reserve. All immersed in a unique and unmistakable light. The beach is crowded with people as well as bodies of water of small animals. A soundtrack accompanying the video viewer, in a continuous crescendo that hangs under water, and then return with greater force until the silence of the night, starry and blue, a wonderful gem, not far from our homes. "( F.te BrindisiOggi ")

the integrated action, also includes the development of an aPP in augmented reality dedicated to archaeological evidence found in the reserve, which will be realized Area VAM CETMA and presented in the course of 2016.

the video can be viewed on the web and in many channels of visitor center of Serranova Reserve.

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