I trulli 3D

stereoscopic filming made by the team of the ' Area Virtual, Augmented Reality & Multimedia CETMA are terminated for 3D video documentary "the 3D TRULLI", accessible at the Museum of the Territory "House Pezzolla" Alberobello (BA) starting in February.

It is a documentary made for educational and informational purposes to illustrate and describe the construction techniques of the famous trulli of Alberobello, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Funded by the SAC - Environmental System Culturale "La Murgia of Trulli: from the sea to the Valle d'Itria" of which the town of Alberobello is part of the documentary is unique in its kind. Concurrently with the production of the documentary, CETMA holographic will create an installation, which in addition to exploiting innovative technology will feature eye-catching 3D animations.

For more information, follow the contacts of the contact person:

< p> Italo Sword


tel. +39 0831 449602