CETMA acquisisce nuovi strumenti di calcolo per la progettazione avanzata di compositi

The design and development of composite components require an experimental activity which is accompanied by complex and advanced numerical modeling activities to predict and optimize their behavior in different operating conditions. For this purpose, it is essential the use of specific calculation codes for the design of the composite, as the DIGIMAT platform, developed by e-Xstream Engineering and recently acquired by MSC Software. DIGIMAT is currently considered one of the most reliable tools and recognized by leading manufacturers of composite materials and manufacturing companies especially in the automotive and aerospace sectors.

Always attentive to the needs of businesses, CETMA thereby intended to further strengthen plus its ability to support the latter in the design, development and manufacture of composite components expanding its calculation tools (MSC, ANSYS and LS-DYNA) with DIGIMAT platform. Twenty years of experience in advanced materials, from the experimental characterization of the numerical modeling exercise, and related production processes allows the CETMA to present itself as a single partner and excellence, supporting the numerous companies operating in the region and nationally. CETMA is, in Italy, one of the few research centers to have with such a calculation tool and certainly intends to enhance its competitiveness in the design of materials and composite structures.

it will, in fact, can perform multi-scale analysis to a wide variety of materials, calculating their mechanical, thermal and electrical properties. In subsequent thermo-structural analysis, these material models can be coupled with the results from the simulation process. Only in this way you can accurately predict the final performance of the components, having considered every relevant aspect: the properties of the materials up to the specific manufacturing process.

In this way, you can leverage the full potential by these innovative materials, maximizing their competitiveness compared to traditional ones, enabling companies concerned to significantly reduce production costs and their time-to-market.

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Antonio Gerardi

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