SILVER: Materiali innovativi per i trasporti e l’arredo

The development of Innovative materials feature antibacterial properties for applications in transport and furniture has been the goal of the research project SILVER "Technologies and Treatments nano-antimicrobial for editing subsidiary of textiles and other goods ", funded by the Ministry of Education in the 2007-2013 PON/REC announcement and which ended on October 30.

The research results focused on specific applications, such as leather and artificial leather, the conditioned air filters and mattress pads. In particular CETMA has focused its activities on the development of Innovative polyurethane formulations aimed at achieving foams eco and the anti-bacterial properties in bulk intended for air conditioning filters and the mattress padding.

low environmental impact formulations , the team of researchers and technologists CETMA has developed foams polyurethane starting from the use of bio-based polyols innovative , or from renewable sources and not from petrochemical products, and characterized by physical and mechanical properties comparable to those traditionally used by the industrial partners of the project.

For the polyurethane formulations from anti-bacterial properties in bulk , the activities conducted by CETMA have led to the development of nano-composite foams with addition nanocharges functionalized (hydrotalcites organically modified) capable of conferring Additional features such as precisely the antibacterial and improve the mechanical properties. These characteristics determined through intense time characterization test campaign to determine the morphological characteristics of the developed foams, physical-mechanical and antibacterial properties.

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Francesca Felline


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