VENTI.VOLTE.VOLTI. Raccontiamo le nostre storie di innovazione

VENTI.VOLTE.VOLTI. is a draft storytelling aims to create a space of visibility for our customers and for the most significant recent collaborations. The project is structured in 20 pleasant interviews that will accompany us until 2016. The title of the project is to all effects a tongue twister, useful to tell with good speed celebration of our twenty-year , the repetition of the initiative over time and the desire to present to our network the faces of those who have believed and benefited from the cooperation with CETMA. VENTI.VOLTE.VOLTI. bride, in effect, in the words of Michael Westcott, the late President of the Design Management Institute:

"At the heart of innovation and every business initiative is the desire to build something new and constantly evolving the relationship between research and the market, figuring always to act in a vibrant community shared by all and in which all are reflected. "

For the fifth round of VENTI.VOLTE.VOLTI. we had the pleasure of interviewing: Vanessa Coppola (CEO & CO-FOUNDER, VinOLED SRLs), Angelo Cozzi (Legal Representative, ARETA Srl), Tiziana Lombardi (Manager Transport & Coatings, BOSCH SpA - Diesel Technologies and Brake Systems SpA)

The CETMA wishes you a good read, hoping to enrich this space in the future with new faces to be presented and new stories of innovation to tell.

For more information, follow the contacts of the contact person:

Ubaldo Spina


tel. +39 0831 449606