Due segnalazioni ADI DESIGN INDEX 2015 per CETMA

Once again CETMA ascribes his own name in the ADI Design Index and this year in particular has got Two reports , the first time in the same edition. These are projects NETWORK SMETWORK and THECHA selected by the Permanent Observatory of Design ADI for publication on ' ADI Design Index 2015 . The projects were selected within the scope theme Search for the company , or "the container of projects and initiatives to promote, through design, research and innovation to 'interior of the companies and in the territory, strategic projects for the company that will develop into an even greater span of the calendar year ". Such recognition increasingly exhibits the importance of design as a key discipline in the application and reporting of R & D projects.

The Project SMETWORK NETWORK concerns a bench model, conceived by CETMAdesign and produced by network SMETwork firms, for urban environments whose form refers to Puglia orographies, designed using advanced techniques of slicing a three-dimensional models and built using the main types of natural stones from Puglia.

the Project THECHA, dell ' company MAINETTI OMAF of idea CETMAdesign, concerns the construction of hanger with renewable materials, obtained from olive oil production waste, instead of the traditionally used polymer materials. The study focused on the one hand the production of hangers in cellulose pulp, recycled and recyclable material and the other the creation of polypropylene-based compound and materials arising from local agro wastes. The research activity has also provided for the study of the finishing processes of the hanger in order to ensure greater resistance and wearability to the hangers and the development of solutions to obtain a structural reinforcement and the coupling of accessories.

complete descriptions of the projects SMETWORK NETWORK and THECHA are available at the following link:

L’ADI Design Index 2015 is the last volume of the loop which collects the shortlisted products for Premio Compasso d'Oro ADI 2016 . The annual selection was conducted according to a rigorous methodology of work and exclusive criteria of merit by the Permanent Observatory of Design ADI consists of over 100 experts, organized into committees that operate on three different levels: Territorial Commissions, Committees Issues, Commission for final selection . The ADI Design Index has become also, since 2009, as well as pre-selection for the Golden Compass Award also annual selection for the National Award for Innovation, sponsored by the Presidency of the Republic. This important award shows annually reporting by ADI of three significant products in terms of the specific issue of innovation, selected from those published on ADI Design Index.

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