Spazio al design - Ciclo di incontri dedicati al design territoriale

March 24 - h. 17:30 at MUIMART creative visions - Via Palmieri 42/A - Lecce

Retail Space Design is a cycle of three meetings began March 18 on a weekly basis that will involve lovers of the sector to deal with companies that design and professionalism have made him one of culture and communication, as well as a business model. The workshops and conferences dedicated , will focus their attention on the new realities and innovation by the territory on the topic. The contributions of the Order of Architects and the ADI Delegation Puglia and Basilicata sponsoring the meetings, the experience of the industry will witness companies like the culture of well-living is now not only a cultural vehicle, but also the basis on which to found a production quality that responds to a now increasingly demanding market.

We are waiting for tomorrow for the second meeting promoted by Id & a on the theme: HUB co-working and dedicated to the design and achieving territorial design.

the CETMA present the opportunity offered by the virtual reality tools for applications in the field of showing the results of some research which integrate technologies and applications a joint product offer and service.

The discussion is open among different professionals that cover all the roles necessary for the finalization of the implementation of projects related to design (designers/makers/archs/companies).

by speeches Luca Rizzi for CETMA , Archistart Giacomo Potì and Renzo Buttazzo for PETRE.

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