Il Laboratorio di Innovazione del CETMA al Master Design Management de il Sole 24 Ore

In February, CETMA oversaw a Innovation Laboratory in the fourth edition of the Master Design Management "BUSINESS, BRAND CONCEPT & DESIGN" .

the objectives and career opportunities of the Master derive from the awareness that, in the new global dimension and in the current market scenario, the innovation of its products/services is for companies of all sectors of the fundamental asset on which to compete. As reported in the informative brochure of the Master, in fact, "you can not innovate ignoring the contribution of design, that in all areas of growing importance, contributing to the development of the company and influencing the image outward and its ability to propose innovative solutions. For this reason, more and more companies now rely on the figure of Design Manager that, combining creative skills with management skills, able to interpret customer behavior and anticipate market trends, blending fact needs design and marketing company with new design. "

the presence of CETMA among experts recruited by the prestigious 24 Ore Business School and Events Milan illustrated by the increasing recognition of activities of our research in strategic areas for the Made in Italy and in homes where they develop training of highly specialized on innovation, internationalization and entrepreneurship.

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