SUS-CON Project: a success story in the EU Sustainable Energy Week

The success of SUS-CON project presented during the Seminar jointly organized by AMANAC and emirs in the context of the EU Sustainable Energy Week in Brussels.
Brussels, June 16 2016

on the occasion of the EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW ), the leading European conference dedicated to policies sustainability to be held in Brussels from 13 to 17 June 2016, the Cluster AMANAC and the Association Emiri jointly organizing a seminar lasting 90 minutes, entitled" Success stories - ADVANCED MATERIALS AND SOLUTIONS fOR LOW CARBON ENERGY AND MORE SUSTAINABLE BUILDINGS iN EUROPE ". The event will be held at Salle Polak, Residence Palace, International Press Center, Rue de la Loi 155, Brussels 16 June 2016 from 09.00 to 10.30.

The seminar aims to:

    < li> Highlight the key role played by the Advanced Materials in addressing the European energy challenges
  • to present successful cases of new advanced materials and solutions for the construction of more sustainable buildings in Europe
  • Discuss the necessary policies/regulations to ensure the leadership of European Industry Advanced Materials for low-carbon energy technologies
  • Discuss policies/regulations and Innovation in the Construction.

In this framework, the project SUS-CON (Sustainable, innovative and energy-efficient concrete, based on the integration of all-waste materials), funded by the European Commission under the FP7 and coordinated by CETMA, has been selected as one of the 5 SUCCESS STORIES between the Cluster AMANAC projects and on this occasion will be presented the main results of the project, which involves a great partnership i note at the international level, consisting of research centers, universities and companies with recognized experience in the advanced materials applied to the construction sector.

during the project, completed at the end of 2015, several recipes of innovative concretes eco-based aggregates and binders as secondary raw materials have been properly designed and developed, for the realization specific building products. The prototypes of SUS-CON, such as ready-made products (50 panels and 1,000 blocks) and ready for use (screeds), have been industrially manufactured by European construction companies. It 'been shown the high compatibility of SUS-CON concrete with existing production processes. The performance of SUS-CON prototypes were tested in terms of mechanical, acoustic, thermal insulation and fire resistance. The SUS-CON solutions were finally installed on 3 demonstrators buildings, located in three European countries (Spain, Turkey and Romania).

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