FORMALDEIDE: nuova classificazione armonizzata dal 1° gennaio 2016.

Formaldehyde passes from alleged carcinogenic to suspected carcinogen for humans.

As set out in Reg. (EU) 605/2014, the sixth adaptation to scientific and technical progress (ATP) of Reg. 1272/2008 (CLP), from 1 January 2016 is to be effective new harmonized classification of formaldehyde (CAS 50-00-0).

the classification of this substance changes from a category 2 carcinogen (ie suspected carcinogen without sufficient evidence to classify it in category 1) to carcinogenic category 1B (ie presumed carcinogen based on animal experiments); also becomes mutagenic category 2.

This classification change will result in the timely update of a whole series of documents such as the Security cards all products containing formaldehyde and the their Warning labels and the a risk assessment document (DVR) established pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 81/2008.

In addition , some companies will have to update the registration dossier (Title II of REACH), the notification of the classification and labeling (notification C & L) and the classification of the waste generated in the company containing formaldehyde.

the staff of chemical engineers and professionals CETMA Consortium is able to assist companies through the services listed below:

  • Safety data Sheet : preparation, revision or update of the Safety data Sheets in accordance with the criteria for classification and labeling provided by the CLP Regulation.
  • Notification C & L : management, on behalf of the client, the procedure notification of the European inventory of classifications and labeling.
  • classification and labeling : classification of substances and mixtures and drafting/revision of labeling.

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Luigia Longo


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