Results presentation of the SMMIET Project

Within the project "SMMIET" Sviluppo Modello Mitilicoltura Integrata Ecosostenibile Tarantina, born for boosting local mussel farmers to adopt sustainable and eco-compatible production practices, aimed at better resource management and conservation and the enhancement of the product, CETMA has designed and produced a multimedia interactive platform for education and training, in fact, a virtual room where, through an interactive and immersive game named " " and which uses the body's movements, operators can learn the main techniques of cultivation of mussels of Taranto. Visual simulations, 3D content and multimedia interactions, made ad hoc, support the educational process and understanding of the industry, using a new method of learning and enjoyment. Installed at the Clock Tower in the old town of the city of Taranto, the immersive room was opened in the month of February 2016.

and still, within in SMMIET Project, CETMA has designed and implemented an information system for tracking and tracing of product throughout the mussel industry, from production to transport, named " MitiliTRACK1.0 ." It is a tracking system that allows to intercept all of the life cycle of the product and then convey to the end users, providing all relevant information to ensure compliance of production processes, handling and management conditions in logistics, the transformation (eg. handling, growth, processing, etc.) until the last mile management. The tracking system consists of two main components:

  • MitiliTRACK_mobile: moving an APP for data tracking that enables the collection of information throughout all phases of operation of the supply chain;
  • MitiliTRACK_office : web application back-office for data management.

the activities have also foreseen the realization of a project site, through which the end consumer can reconstruct the history of a given product (for example, the single retina containing mussels), identified through the code on the label, it can display information about the area in which it was produced and significant dates that have characterized the work phases of the product.

the results of SMMIET project, funded by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture (Fondo European Fisheries - implementation mode - Measure 3.1 - Collective Action), promoted by the concertation table composed by the city of Taranto, the trade associations of the sector, prepared and submitted by Centro Ittico Tarantino SpA, were presented at the final workshop which it was held last May 11 in Taranto at the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce.

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