Innovative Bearing Aeronautical structures

The activities on liquid molding technology processes developed by the group of researchers coordinated by PhD. Silvio Pappadà, Head of the Technology and Processes of CETMA within the Project START "Bearing Innovative Aeronautical Structures", funded by the Ministry of Education with financial allocations of the National Operational Programme for Research and Competitiveness 2007-2013 (PON R&C) for the Convergence Regions (Campania, Puglia, Calabria, Sicily) and PAC Research, axis I, Title III - Creation of New Districts and/or New Public/Private Aggregations, proceed according to plan and successfully

the structural components currently used on airplanes are made of aluminum alloy with technologies typical of metallic materials. The market trend, dictated by the demand of decreasing the fuel consumption, requires a reduction in weight of the structures, which leaves space to the adoption of composite materials in place of metal alloys. The leader of the project "Leonardo - Aircraft Division" has identified parts of wings, the Winglet and Fitting, candidates for technological migration to composite materials with liquid infusion process (Resin Transfer Moulding). Fitting and winglets correspond respectively to a wing appendix for reduction of induced drag and to an attack by a fin to the main spar.

Currently CETMA is dealing with the mold design for the realization of demonstrators and the optimization of the components of process. The parameters are verified thanks to a well-structured matrix of experiments which involves the construction of flat panels and sandwich panels to be subjected to mechanical and physical-chemical characterization. They are also in analysis high temperature resistant materials to be used for secondary structures in the vicinity of the auxiliary power unit.

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