AUGMENTED REALITY for the new Museum of Radio of Tuglie

Tuglie (Le), June 16, 2016

A large turnout of visitors at the opening of the new Museum of Radio of Tuglie, held last June 16, 2016 , achieved thanks to the Development Funds and Cohesion 2007-2013, Framework Programme Agreement "Cultural heritage and Activities" - Line 4.2, Action 4.2.1 , Activity 4.2.1.D and the contribution of CETMA Consortium.

< p> the ceremony was attended, among others, the mayor of Tuglie Massimo Stamerra, the President of the Province Antonio Gabellone, the Deputy Mayor for Economic Development of the Region Apulia Loredana Capone and, for CETMA, Dr.Italo Spada, manager of the Virtual, Augmented Reality & Multimedia Area. Special guests: Cataldo Motta, public prosecutor, and Edoardo Winspeare, director.

the Radio Museum is animated with a new graphic layout, a new website, new educational activities, a rich library specialized in the history and technology of radio communication and the technological and interactive applications in augmented reality that will revolutionize the classic museum visit.

Augmented reality is the technology that allows to enrich the sensory perception of reality through additional levels of multimedia information: in essence, the Augmented Reality adds digital content of various kinds to the real vision of the moment.These contents increase our expertise, integrating information we may not perceive if we simply use the five senses.

The innovative Multilingual APP, MRadioViewer , developed by CETMA, downloadable from the Apple Store and Google Play, allows visitors to explore the museum in person and live interactive experience through content offered in Augmented Reality.

By pointing their smartphone or tablet on the marker, located near some of the exposed radio devices, you can view the virtual 3D models of radio, interact and play with them, simulate in a simple and direct way the operating mechanisms and have in-depth information on the collections.

< p> CETMA also has cataloged and documented the entire scientific and technological heritage of the museum, creating a refined interactive paper catalog.

using the APP MRadioViewer , through the use of markers present in the catalog, you can view some of the radio 3D models of the museum collection, while comfortably seated in an armchair at home.

the innovative approach has continued into the communications, providing interactive materials, both for the information leaflets, informative and promotional for schools, and for the merchandising.

Framing the smartphone with the logo on T-shirts, the image of the shirt is "lives" playing a melody.Pointing the marker present on the fold you are sent back to the website of the Museum of Radio of Tuglie which comes with a dynamic graphics, which intends to offer to the different types of users clear and precise information on the exhibition proposals and all the activities and projects that involve the Radio Museum.

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Italo Spada email:

tel.+39 0831 449602

Giuseppe De Prezzo
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